Hello World!

While installing WordPress for my personal business and life blog, I’m watching the live match engine in Hattrick. Hattrick is an online football manager game which I’ve been playing since 2006. Tonight is the last game of the season, and all I need is a tie to promote to the next level. It looks like ages since I’ve been in level 7, and am really looking forward to go up and play in a new competition, on a higher level. As we speak, I’m 3-2 ahead and the game has just started again after the half time break.

This is exactly what it’s all about though, my blog. All the things that keep me busy. First and foremost comes my family; my girlfriend Lydia, and our two boys, Mauro and Dante. Then comes my business. I’m a true workaholic and consider online marketing to be my greatest hobby. Then comes the mere rest; basketball, poker, traveling the world, and anything else that I feel writing about.

To be honest, I have been debating about the idea to start a blog for more than a year. Will I have the time to write, and isn’t my blog yet another one? Only time will tell, but I can say that at least I’m very excited!

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